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“Who Made These Stupid Rules?”

Who Made These Stupid Rules Blog - Opportunity is Waiting

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Opportunity is Waiting — 5 Ways to Seize it Today

Oct 6, 2016



What’s behind Door #2? What’s waiting around that corner? What’s on the horizon? Oh...the myriad of questions we can ask ourselves. Have you ever met someone who seems destined by incredible luck or ridiculous circumstances to seemingly always “stumble into” amazing opportunities? Ever find yourself wondering why that is? What are they doing? Why does opportunity seem to simply always knock on their door?

I’ll grant you that some people seem destined by luck, education, fate, or family connection to be more available for “opportunity to find them.”  Pure poppycock I say.. Opportunity is around each and every one of us. The trick is to learn how to recognize it when it comes knocking. Remember Harry and Lloyd sending the Hawaiian Tropic bikini team blissfully down the road in the final scene of Dumb & Dumber? The bus left and opportunity left along with it… I screamed with contempt then… and even now… 20 years later… I’m still traumatized...

So, how can you improve your chances to seize opportunities? How can you learn how to spot them when they come knocking?

Below are 5 Simple Things I’ve learned, taught, and hold dear which will help you magnetically attract opportunities... And they are Free!! How can you beat that?


1.) Talk to a New Person - New and exciting people are everywhere. We all seem to spend so much time in our own worlds, on our phones, or reading exciting blogs like this, to notice them or actively engage them in conversation. They are in the Starbucks line waiting for their coffee, in the lobby of your building, at the gas station, the grocery store, or in your own office. Don’t be scared.. Reach out and you might be amazed by who you’ll meet.

      Here’s my best trick to starting a conversation with a new person. Ask yourself this simple question… “Why did THIS person stand out to me?” So many observations pass through our minds without a conscious thought. Why did you pick THIS person over anyone else in the room? Place that thought on your tongue… then… deep breath… speak…

      My friends will recognize this phrase from me… ”Situational Observation”.  I’m always looking for an opportunity to break the ice to start a conversation with a compliment or mutual point of interest. Maybe they ordered the same coffee you did. Maybe you recognize their jewelry. Maybe they have the new phone or tablet you’ve been dreaming of.. Anything will work.

      Try it today… I promise it will work.  Remember… merely starting a conversation could lead to so many opportunities.

2.) Say “Yes” Today -  For the rest of your day, substitute Positives for your Negatives. When you really stop to count, you might be surprised how many “No’s” you give in a day - either passively or overtly. “I don’t like this, I don’t want to, They aren’t, She isn’t, I won’t, etc. “ I tried this one day and I was shocked… I perceived myself as a generally happy person, but I was shocked to discover how many “No’s” I was giving out willy-nilly throughout my day - just like passing out a stack of useless $0.10 off coupons for Blockbuster rentals.

      Even when you feel you “have” to say no, simply change the phrasing. Trust me… it works. Even with seemingly ridiculous random questions - When someone asks if you want peas with dinner (Peas...my arch nemesis), simply respond with, “Could we make green beans instead?” Now, your “No” is a very subtle one, but you’ve also immediately offered an alternative.  The same concept holds true for attending events you see on Facebook, volunteering locally, saying “Yes” to meeting a new person.

      This is such a simple trick, but it will completely change your outlook and attract exciting opportunities toward you like flies to honey.  A Yes makes you Happier!

3.) Give Someone a Smile - This might be the single trait that endears you to people more than anything else. In “Who Made These Stupid Rules?”, we discussed my definition of “Personability”. Take a moment every day to make someone smile. Just as the “Situational Observation” for meeting a new person, make someone you know smile using the same concept. Rather than a casual conversation starter, compliment them on an accomplishment, tell a quick positive joke, tell them something you admire about them, or simply send a text about something they like (fluffy puppies, hunting season, a flower, forwarding an online coupon for a product they like, or classic car link).

      Wear your smile (people like to engage happy people), and instinctively they will recognize the genuine attempt you’re making. You might be surprised how few compliments most people receive, how few times someone receives a good morning text, or how you can tremendously impact someone’s day by one simple act of kindness.

      So many opportunities have come my way simply by reaching out or showing interest in someone - Offers to help me with a project, Offers for my wife and I to take unused tickets for an event,  Invite offers to parties or local adventures, Offers of continued friendship, Offers of conversation… Opportunities that came my way simply because I had a goal of making someone smile every day.

4.) Ask One More Question - This is not for beginner conversationalists. Just kidding.  We all remember the times in school when the lecture was wrapping up and the teacher/professor asked if anyone had any questions. We all dreaded the moment when someone would raise their hand… “Oh geez… I’m ready to go…” But this is different, I assure you.

      There is an old newspaper writer adage that the “Why” is the most important part of any successful article. In daily life, who, how, what, when, and where are invaluable as well. Asking someone a simple follow-up question offers such a wealth of hidden knowledge and can open so many doors for yourself. If you want to seize Your opportunities, never hesitate to help others seize Their opportunities.

      “How can I help you?”… Think about that for a minute… This simple follow-up question holds so much value in life. How do you feel when someone asks you this question? You might hold the key to help them seize an opportunity… and they might hold the key for you as well.

5.) Don’t be Afraid to Open the Door - I wish I had started a count of how many opportunities have been presented simply through the act of “Floating an Idea”.  How will you seize opportunities when opportunity doesn't know you’re actively looking for it? That might seem like a very strange statement, but I firmly believe it to be true. 

      Someone you know can help you achieve a goal. Someone you know can help you solve a problem. Someone you know can pave the way for growth. Someone you know can brighten your day. On the flipside, you fill that need for someone else too.  So many of us walk through life passively… lightly discussing wants, needs, wishes, and goals. Bring it into the forefront. “Float” your ideas to your friends and family. You might be surprised how many people you already know would be happy to help you, guide you, encourage you, and support you.


Start today… I promise you will notice a change, you’ll be wearing your best smile for the rest of the day. You’ll be compelled to tell your spouse, friends, or family about the interesting new person you met today in the Starbucks line. You’ll begin to open your eyes to the opportunities all around you… some of which, you may have never even considered before. 

Then, send us your story. Share this post with your friends and family and watch their reactions. Mind your “No’s” and substitute more of a “Yes”. Laugh a little… Life is so short… Seize your Opportunities today!!


Adam M. Brest

“Who Made These Stupid Rules?”

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